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Abdala invited Lacalle Pou to discuss the reduction of personal income tax and the IASS

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The president of the PIT-CNT responded to the president, who said that the opposition seems to have an “unconscious” and “automatic” reaction to any measure taken by the government.

Faced with the announcement of the reduction of the personal income tax and the IASS of the president Luis Lacalle Pouthe president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdalainvited the president to discuss the issue since he believes that the president did not take into account any of the grounds raised by the workers.

“On behalf of the PIT-CNT, I invite Mr. President of the Republic Luis Lacalle Pou to debate publicly on the proposal of the workers since I do not raise any of the foundations that we established. Uruguayans deserve a respectful debate on ideas”, the union leader tweeted in response to the president’s statements yesterday.

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This Monday, within the framework of the official inauguration of the 2023 rice harvest organized by the Rice Growers Association (HERE) in the department of Rivera, Lacalle Pou accused the opposition of showing an “unconscious reaction” and “automaticagainst any measure taken by the government. According to Lacalle Pou, “at first they said that there was no need to cut taxes, and now they say that it is insufficient”, something that he described as “rare”, and invited his critics to “let them decide”.

Before Lacalle’s response, Abdala had commented on Monday morning at a press conference that the government made a “big racket with ads that have little taste” with a statement “that means nothing to the 70% of the population that earns less than $50,000″.

The union leader referred to the change in the formula of the Personal Income Tax (IRPF). “They increased taxes, through another way. Not adding anything, but changing the calculation formulas or not giving something to the people that was given before. With the decrease in the Social Security Assistance Tax (IASS) they benefit from the highest pensions”, remarked Abdala.

“An announcement is made, which we do not criticize because it is good that part of the IRPF be returned to the workers, but before they changed the IRPF formula and they later stayed with a 2% of payment with debit cards,” he added.

Source: Ambito

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