Alois Pointner: A visionary and hard worker

Alois Pointner: A visionary and hard worker
Alois Pointner, LH Thomas Stelzer
Image: Max Mayrhofer

Multi-purpose hall, music center, fire station or the village square. Above all, however, Pointner was a man of the first hour in founding the Inkoba area Arbing, of which he is still the managing director today.

In the meantime, 20 companies have settled here on an area of ​​20 hectares. Because of his competence, Pointner became the official advisor to the Inkoba spokesman in Austria. Pointner has worked with four mayors and one mayor in his four decades as chief executive. Good cooperation with the political groups was also important to him. If the time pressure on important projects required it, overtime and services at weekends were a matter of course for him.

For all these achievements, Alois Pointner has now been awarded the Gold Medal of Merit of the Republic of Austria by Governor Thomas Stelzer.

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