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Women mobilize to demand their rights around the world

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Thousands of women will take to the streets this Wednesday to denounce a global offensive against their rights and claim the end of discrimination and femicidesbooming in countries like Mexico and Columbia.

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on the occasion of International Women’s Daythere will be acts and marches in many cities, including Madridwhich usually brings together a gigantic violet tide.

The reasons for mobilization are numerous: the discrimination imposed in Afghanistan since the return to power of the Taliban, the repression of protests in Iran for the death of Mahsa Amini, the questioning of the right to abortion in the united states waves consequences of the Ukrainian war in the women.

“The advances achieved in decades are evaporating before our eyes,” the secretary general of the United Nations Organization (UN)Antonio Guterres.

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“At the current rate, UN Women estimates that it will take 300 years to achieve equality between men and women”he added, after recalling the situation in Afghanistan, where women and girls were “erased from public life” from the Taliban return to power in August 2021.


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It should be noted that in various places mobilizations were prohibited, such as in Pakistanwhere the authorities alleged the “controversial posters” that the demonstrators usually carry with claims about divorce or against sexual harassment.

They also did not get permission independent feminist organizations of Cubawhich they called in response to a “virtual march” on social networks to raise awareness about gender violence and femicides.

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Marches for Women’s Day around the world

under the slogans “Not one more killed!” and “Against sexist violence and precarious work!”feminist collectives called for mobilizations in the main cities of Mexicowhere in 2022 they were registered 969 femicidesaccording to official figures.

Also in Colombia women’s organizations called for demonstrations in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and other cities to demand actions against the increase in femicideswhich went from 182 in 2020 to 614 last year.

In Brazil will be denounced, with a “great feminist batucada” in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeirothe “cuts in women’s protection policies” and the “vertiginous growth of machismo and misogyny” during the mandate of far-right Jair Bolsonarosaid Junéia Batista, from the Single Central of Workers (CUT).

In Venezuelaunions and federations called for a concentration in Caracas to demand guarantees about your rightsviolated by low wages, abuses and the “growing feminization of poverty”.

For his part, The United States will have as one of the central issues the defense of the right to abortion.

In Europe, that right was also weakened in Hungary and Poland.

“We fight against a patriarchy (…) that disputes to the point of exhaustion those rights of ours -such as abortion- that we have achieved by fighting”demands the manifesto of the march that will start in Madrid at 6:00 p.m.

In France It was called for “equality in work and in life”. the country is convulsed by strikes and protests against the pension reform promoted by the liberal government of Emmanuel Macron, which according to its critics will have detrimental effects on women.


Advance.  Gender equality measures are promoting benefits against inequality between men and women.  A report estimated the incidence on the Budget.

Advance. Gender equality measures are promoting benefits against inequality between men and women. A report estimated the incidence on the Budget.

Actions in Brazil

The current president of the left, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvawill participate in Brasilia in the Launch of programs for women and in the creation of Marielle Franco National Day against political violence, in tribute to the councilor murdered in 2018.

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