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The Broad Front would win if the elections were this Sunday

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The Cifra consultancy published the results of its survey where the opposition leads the way followed by the National Party.

A survey published this week establishes that, if the elections were held on Sunday, the winner would be the Broad Front (FA) with a 43%followed by the National Party with the 30% and far behind are the Colorado Party, Open Town Hall and the Independent Party.

According to the latest survey of the consultant Figure, presented in Telemundo yesterday, four out of five voters have already decided their vote if the elections were held this Sunday. The survey was carried out through telephone calls to more than 1000 people during the second half of February.

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The voting intentions of Uruguayans have a clear inclination: the broad front. The FA has a voting intention of 43%, while the National Party has a voting intention of 30%. These are followed by Cabildo Abierto with 2% and the Partido Independiente with 1%. The other 1% say they would vote for the coalition, although they do not specify which one, and the other 1% mention other parties. He 19% what remains says that I would vote blank You don’t know who to vote for or you would choose to cancel your vote.

From the consultancy they establish that the voting intentions They change according to the geographical areas of Uruguay. This is because the Broad Front has its majority of voters in the country’s capital, while the Coalition has the majority of its voters in the interior of the country.

Regarding the evolution of the intention to vote, the Broad Front retains its 43%, as do other coalitions. However the National Party fell 1% and the group of undecideds also rose 1%.

According to Cifra, this does not mean that the results of the elections are these, but that they give an overview of the political climate that Uruguay is currently experiencing, where the population suffers from wear and tear on the part of the government, which is usually seen when the administrations end their term.

Source: Ambito

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