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What position does Uruguay occupy in the Gender Gap Index?

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Uruguay occupies position 72 in the ranking prepared from the Global Gender Gap Index 2022 of the World Economic Forumand although its position improved compared to the previous year, it still has aspects in which to improve in terms of reducing the differences between men and women to get closer to the world average.

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The Global Gender Gap Index is an indicator that analyzes the division of resources and opportunities between men and women in 155 countries. From the measurement of points such as participation in the economy, the world of qualified labor and politics, and access to education and life expectancy, the size of the gender inequality gap is established.

Likewise, the higher the figure produced by the indicator, the smaller the gender gap in the analyzed country. For example, the first position is occupied by Iceland, with an index of 90.8%, followed by Finland with 86% and for Norway with 84.5%. On the other hand, the last position is occupied by Afghanistan, with an index of 43.5%.

How has Uruguay evolved in the last 10 years?

Uruguay got a 71.1% in the index during 2022, which earned him the 72nd position in the world ranking. Yes ok the gender gap in the country narrowed compared to 2021when the indicator was 70.2% and ranked 85th, it is still far from approaching the lowest inequality it showed in 2020, when it obtained a score of 73.7% and ranked 37th.

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The sharp setback after such a good year in terms of gender equality may be due to the economic effects that the Covid-19 pandemic had throughout the world and, also, in Uruguay.

Compared to previous years, the country was ranked 77th in 2013, with an index of 68%, and worsened in the following years: in 2014, it was ranked 82nd (68.7%); in 2015, it ranked 93 (67.9%); and in 2016, it was 91 in the ranking (68%). 2017 showed a wide improvement that remained stable in 2018, with position 56 and an indicator of 71%. There is no data for 2019.

How did Uruguay fare among the countries in the region?

Uruguay was also ranked as the third best country in the region in terms of the size of the gender gap by ranking, behind only Argentina, which was ranked 33rd with an indicator that marked 75.6%; and Chili, which was 47th with 73.6%.

behind are Paraguayan, in position 80 and with an index of 70.7%; and Brazil, in place 94 with 69.6%.

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Uruguay still needs to work on reducing gender differences to get closer to the world average.

Women in the indicators of economic activity in Uruguay

According to UN WomenUruguay continues to face the challenge of unequal income distribution and economic participation. Although there are positive trends, with an increase in the participation of women in the labor force, at least until 2018 —date of the last report of the international organization—, the difference in favor of men continues to be significant: 16% both both in the activity rate and in the employment rate, and more than three points in the unemployment rate.

In addition, there is still a significant pay gap between men and women, and although the average hourly wage for women measured as a percentage of the hourly wage for men has increased, there are still gaps within homogeneous groups in terms of training or educational training. Likewise, during the first year after maternity, the total salary of women is reduced by 20% and it is not possible to reverse said penalty in the medium and long term, reaching a reduction of 45%, ten years after maternity .

Refering to labor force participation, including improvements, female participation rates remain below those of men. Quite the opposite of what happens in terms of unpaid work dedicated to care tasks.

Source: Ambito

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