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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The dollar fell -0.36% and was close to the floor of $39

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The US currency has not managed to recover the values ​​of the beginning of the year and, so far in 2023, it has accumulated a depreciation of -2.24%.

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He dollar backed up a 0.36% compared to yesterdayand stayed in the 39,171 pesosaccording to the official interbank price of the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU). In any case, the foreign currency accumulates a positive balance of 0.72% so far in March.

In it Republic Bank (BROU), the dollar was offered to 38 pesos for purchase and 40.4 pesos for sale. On the other hand, the preferential value of the Dollar eBROU He was in 38.5 pesos for purchase and 39.9 pesos for sale.

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The last operation of the day in the Electronic Stock Exchange of Uruguay (Bevsa), was agreed in 39.18 pesos, while the average price of operations was 39,171 pesos. On this Wednesday, the number of transactions was a total of 28with a number of operations that totaled a little more than 15 million dollars.

The dollar accumulates a positive balance of 0.72% so far in March

Roughly speaking, and despite today’s fall, in the first days of March the dollar showed an upward trend that placed it above the floor of 39 pesos. Last week –whose first days were the last days of February– the US currency added a positive balance of 1.7%. Now, so far this monthaccumulated a 0.72% appreciation.

The exchange rate comes from a rise in the first half of February that generated the expectation of an eventual neutralization of the drop of -3.29% in January, but the abrupt drop in the last weeks of that month left it in the range of 38 pesos and with a positive closing of only 0.55% last month.

In the fourth week of February, in just two exchange days, the dollar sank -1.9%, a setback that squandered all the accumulated increase that had been showing for the month.

Now, with the rise registered in the first days of March, the North American currency returned to the range of 39 pesos and remains relatively stable on that floor. However, with today’s setback, it was only 17 cents away from drilling it again.

With these numbers, so far in 2023 the foreign currency accumulates a negative balance of -2.24%. Meanwhile, regarding February 8, it showed a monthly variation positive of 0.2%

Compared to the same day but last year –March 8, 2022–, when the exchange rate was 42.75 pesos, the interanual variation was from -8.37%.

This last variable fell sharply in recent weeks, mainly because, by then, the dollar had already begun to fall after reaching the historical peaks it had recorded in the early days of last year.

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