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ALUR will export almost 9,000 tons of canola oil and biodiesel to Chile and Peru

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The Ancap Group’s collateral also completed the placement of 700 tons of soybean oil in the Chilean market.

Photo: @AncapUruguay

The collateral company Ancap GroupAlcohols from Uruguay (ALUR), completed the export of 3,700 tons of biodiesel bound for Peruin addition to 5,000 tons of canola oil and some 700 tons of soybean oil bound for Chili. Among all the fluids, they add up 9,000 tons.

The logistics operation is carried out through more than 30 tankers that come from the Capurro Industrial Park of ALUR heading to the port of Montevideofor its subsequent transfer by boat to both member countries of the Pacific alliance.

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The Ancap Group expressed today through its official Twitter account that “these exports are part of the reorientation of the oilseed business”, and that they “are achieved thanks to the commitment and professionalism of our people.”

Ancap ALUR Canola Biodiesel

Photo: @AncapUruguay

ALUR exported 4,000 tons of canola biodiesel to the European Union

On December 30, 2022, Ancap announced that ALUR had closed the placement of 4,000 tons of canola biodiesel produced in the Capurro Industrial Park destined for the European Union for a figure around 5 million dollars.

According to the state company, in Capurro “vegetable oils and animal fats are processed that give rise to biofuels.” In addition, this shipment was highlighted as “one more step towards sustainability by the Ancap group company” in its operations with oilseeds.

Uruguay and Canada They are the only countries in the Americas that cultivate large areas of the oilseed,” the president of ALUR told the press, Alfredo Fernandez Sivoriwho highlighted the country’s ability to power harvest against the season with the northern hemispherewhere the product is highly required as it tolerates temperatures below 10 degrees and can be converted up to 40% into oil.

The hierarch considered that the current infrastructure available to Ancap is adequate, although as this business unit grows as expected, a greater number of tanks will be necessary in the refinery the tile and a pump with a greater flow to carry out exports to Europe.

Source: Ambito

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