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The salt target is clearly missed

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Too much salt is unhealthy (symbol image)
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However, they are likely to miss their target, the WHO reported on Thursday in Geneva. The 2013 goal was to reduce sodium consumption by 30 percent by 2025.

The main source of sodium is table salt (NaCl). However, it is also found in seasonings such as monosodium glutamate. Five grams of salt contain about two grams of sodium. The WHO recommends that adults consume no more than two grams of sodium per day. That’s about the equivalent of a level teaspoon of salt. She estimates the actual consumption to be more than double the global average.

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Only nine countries have clear and comprehensive regulations for reducing sodium. Austria is not among them. Brazil, Chile, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the Czech Republic and Uruguay are said to have such regulations.

More governments should set maximum sodium levels in foods, avoid high-salt foods in schools, hospitals and canteens, make salt levels prominent on packages, and conduct education campaigns.

“Unhealthy diet is a leading cause of death and disease worldwide,” said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “Excess sodium intake is one of the main causes of this.”

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