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Linz is to get a health center for children

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According to general practitioners, the people of Linz primarily report a lack of paediatricians.
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According to the current health and sports survey, more than three quarters of the people of Linz are satisfied or even very satisfied with the medical care in the city. Although there are local differences. The residents in St. Magdalena and the city center are particularly satisfied, the least satisfied in the district of St. Peter/Lustenau and in the south of Linz. A quarter of the Linzers surveyed lack certain doctors, especially general practitioners, dermatologists and paediatricians.

Children’s health center on Stifterstrasse

For children, there could soon be an improvement in the offer. The Ordensklinikum Linz is currently renovating the building at Stifterstraße 3, where the first primary care center in Linz opened in 2020 with the “Hausärzte am Domplatz”. A children’s health center is to be built on the second floor. According to the ÖGK, talks are currently being held with interested parties. We don’t want to reveal more just yet. Otherwise, a laboratory for molecular genetic diagnostics and an institute for clinical pathology are planned in the building.

Dissatisfaction with ambulances

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Almost two-thirds of those surveyed are generally satisfied with the hospitals in Linz; only 47 percent are satisfied with the ambulance services, which of course also has something to do with the shortage in the private sector and the rush to the ambulances. The availability of doctors and the waiting times for operations have deteriorated. In view of the shortage of doctors in Linz, City Councilor for Health Michael Raml (FP) calls for trained doctors to be kept in Austria. Currently, 30 to 40 percent of medical graduates would go abroad.

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