Linz AG drives the expansion of e-mobility

Linz AG drives the expansion of e-mobility
Linz AG is active far beyond the city limits, like here in Freistadt.

“We want to be an essential part of the traffic and climate change and a modern mobility offer,” says Linz AG Director General Erich Haider. This not only affects public transport, but also the infrastructure for e-mobility in and around Linz. For this purpose, Linz AG will invest 20 million euros by 2028. The plan is to put a high-quality charging station into operation once a week on average.

Spar branches are equipped

Specifically, 80 Spar branches in Upper Austria will have an e-charging infrastructure, 21 of them directly in Linz and a further 23 in the catchment area. The stations will be equipped with two to six charging points. Furthermore, more than 150 residential complexes are to be made e-loadable by 2025, as Neue Heimat OÖ and Linz AG have agreed. A total of 5000 car charging devices will be installed. Discussions are ongoing with other housing developers.

Active up to the Mühlviertel

The public charging points will also be expanded. Linz AG now operates more than 700, 512 of them in Linz. The 750th charging point is to be opened soon. Quick charging stations were also set up in Walding, Bad Leonfelden, Freistadt and Puchenau. With the Linz AG charging card, around 6,000 customers have carried out around 165,000 charging processes in 2022.

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