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From the magnificent garden to organic vegetables: Windhaag upholds garden tradition

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Cultural association chairman Martin Luger and mayor Bettina Bernhart pruning the fruit tree.
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The fruit and horticultural culture was already very important in Windhaag almost 400 years ago. The best example of this is the magnificent palace garden that Count Joachim Enzmilner had laid out in front of his magnificent palace in the mid-17th century. For his daughter Eva-Magdalena, the focus was on the practical use of the gardens: In 1691, in her monastery booklet, she documented numerous types of herbs, vegetables and, above all, fruit that were cultivated in the monastery garden in Windhaag and that provided the nuns with food and medicinal herbs . Since then, people have grown food in their gardens for self-sufficiency. The classic cottage garden was part of every farmhouse and looked after the residents throughout the year.

The Windhaag-Altenburg cultural association is now taking up this rich tradition and bringing it into the 21st century. Last year, some of the old fruit varieties mentioned by Eva-Magdalena were planted in the “Schlossgraben” at the foot of the Windhaag castle ruins. This year, the association is setting further accents in this direction, says Mayor Bettina Bernhart (VP): “Unfortunately, a lot of practical gardening knowledge has been lost in the past few decades. This is where we want to start in the truest sense of the word.” Through regular exchange of experiences and a targeted range of seminars and lectures, the association wants to motivate the people in Windhaag to start gardening again and grow vegetables and fruit themselves.

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As a starting aid and motivation to turn your own garden into a treasure chest for healthy fruit and vegetables, not only fruit tree pruning courses are offered, but also recognized experts are brought to Windhaag for lectures. “We are particularly pleased that we were able to invite the well-known author Andrea Heistinger to Windhaag. I’m sure that with the help of their impulses, everyone can put a piece of self-sufficiency on their plate,” says the chairman of the cultural association, Martin Luger.

Karl Kaindl starts the garden focus this Saturday morning with a fruit tree pruning course. On March 18, Gabriele Wild-Obermayr will talk about growing vegetables in the home garden in the Hoftaverne Holzer. Andrea Heistinger will hold a one-day seminar on self-sufficiency from your own organic garden on March 24th. In addition, a garden get-together with a small plant exchange market is scheduled for April 25 (3 p.m.) in the Altenburg Museum. All events and lectures are also open to interested people from other communities. Registrations with Bettina Bernhart (0664/3527855), [email protected]

Dates at a glance

Fruit tree pruning course: Saturday, March 11, 9-11 a.m., with Karl Kaindl at the Bernhart family, Baumgarten 12, 4322 Windhaag/P., costs € 7.00

Speech: Growing vegetables in the home garden, Saturday, March 18, 2-4 p.m.: Vegetable farmer Gabriele Wild-Obermayr in Hoftaverne Holzer, Perger Str. 2, 4322 Windhaag/P. “Crisp vegetables from your own garden – tips and tricks”, costs € 7.00

Day seminar: Basic self-sufficiency knowledge from my organic garden, Friday, March 24: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with author DI Andrea Heistinger (https://www.andrea-heistinger.at) Hoftaverne Holzer, 4322 Windhaag/P. The seminar is aimed at all people who want to grow more vegetables, fruit and herbs themselves. Cost € 90.00

Garden table: Saturday, April 29, 3 p.m., Museum Altenburg 2, 4322 Windhaag/P, with a small plant exchange market

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