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why food is the best way to socialize for italians

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A study assesses the psychological impact of living in food-rich environments. It serves as a means of expression and identity. I know more.

The meal is for almost one Italian out of two (45%) a way of connect with loved onesWhile for more than one Italian in five (40%) is a way of be healthy. This was revealed by a study of EngageMinds HUBhe Research Center of the Catholic University of Cremona, Italydirected by Guendalina Graffigna.

Food Involvement reflects the bond between the consumer and the food, and serves as a means of expression, identity and social recognition. That is, it is a construct that is used to explain mutual interaction at the point of purchase.

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However, none of the existing scales is capable of assessing the complex psychological nature of Food Involvement. To fill this gap, the researchers created and validated an index (Psychological Food Involvement Scaleeither PFIS) to measure our deep relationship with food. It shows that it is this relationship that influences, for better and for worse, our food choices. The study was published in the journal Food Quality and Preference.

Also, evaluate the psychological impact living in food-rich environments. It measures appetite, rather than tasty food consumption, at three levels of food proximity (food available, food present, and food tried).

It should be noted that the data was collected through an online self-report questionnaire, in which the participants 476 Italians of 20 to 72 years. Factor analysis indicated that the PFIS consisted of 19 items grouped into four stable dimensions: Emotional balance; Self realisation; Social Affirmation; social bonding.



People more psychologically involved in food they were more interested in a healthy nutrition and more prone to vary your diet. Notably, the PFIS discriminated between dietary patterns.

In turn, higher PFIS scores were associated with frequent consumption of meat/fish and whole grains/legumes. The frequent intake of meat/fish and snacks partnered with Social Linking and meat/fish with Emotional Balance.

The index also explained the consumption of vegetable drinks and lactose free milk indicating the symbolic value attributed to them related to self-expression, acceptance by others and emotions.

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“He role of food in life of people has changed radically in recent years. Specifically, food is not considered just one source of supportbut that it is more and more something symbolic and linked to subjective values. This is a instrument objective to qualitatively explore the personal meanings that consumers attribute to food,” concluded Graffigna and Greta Castelliniwho led the study.

Source: Ambito

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