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Uruguay found the coexistence formula 100 years ago

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The ex-president Luis Alberto Lacalle highlighted this Thursday the good economic climate that exists in Uruguay. The former president who governed between 1990 and 1995 participates in the Concordia Americas 2023 summit that takes place in Miami, United States, where he explained that the financial and fiscal stability of the country is due to the fact that “Uruguay found the coexistence formula 100 years ago“.

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The also father of the current president Luis Lacalle Pou He argued that this stability, unusual in the region, favors the flow of capital to the country. “The economic situation was also favored by the country’s good fiscal situation,” he stressed to the EFE news agency.

“He fiscal deficit dropped by half with the current government, from 5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 2.5%”, stated Lacalle who, in addition to being head of state, was a national representative and senator.

The former Uruguayan leader, a regular at Concordia meetings, said that Uruguay enjoys one of the most solid economies in the region thanks to a consensus among the different sectors.

Lacalle argued that Peru changes its president “like a shirt”

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Regarding the political situation that dominates the region, He said that some Latin American countries have entered what he called the category of “gray democracies” in which the legitimacies are less and less clear.

He said that, for example, Peru is affected by a great instability in which presidents “change like shirts are changed”, a situation that favors insecurity that does not benefit the country.

Lacalle said that another of the problems he sees in the countries of the region is “the pulverization of political parties that makes it very difficult to get majorities” in the elections.

He stressed that this sometimes forces political parties that do not always have the same interests to come together, which in the end only harms the functioning of governments once they have to make decisions.

The 2023 Concordia Americas Summit, which began this Thursday, is a two-day international forum that brings together leaders who favor dialogue as a means of solving critical problems affecting the American continent.

This year’s event also includes the participation of former Colombian President Iván Duque and Laura Chinchilla, from Costa Rica.

Source: Ambito

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