Ripe from the island

Ripe from the island

Barren conditions, a lot of manual work and high quality characterize the Envínate wines from Tenerife.
Photo: (Gerd Kressl)

What three things do you take with you to an island? A book, a hammock and a guitar are never wrong. So far, so good – the holiday could theoretically begin with this. But what things do you take home from an island? Wine lovers would answer: ideally three wines to celebrate the memories in the glass at home.

Island wines play their aromatic trump card: Cool nights, sea air, sometimes steep slopes, special microclimates and volcanic soils give them a freshness and unmistakable style. Disadvantage: Many are unknown in Austria or difficult to get. The often small-structured companies mainly produce for the local market.

To get in the island mood, you can plan your next vacation. Or relax at home. With a glass and three recommendations:

  • Tenerife, Envínate, Taganan Blanco 2021 (29 euros)

A few young winegrowers joined forces on Tenerife for the joint project “Envínate” and produce wines that set a refreshing counterpoint to everyday life. In the northeast of the island, countless grape varieties grow on volcanic rock, which are expanded as a mixed set. Spontaneously fermented, nutty, smoky, salty, an experience.

  • Mallorca, 4 kilos, 12 volts 2020 (20.70 euros)

Mallorca scores with picturesque landscapes, a mild climate, enchanted bathing bays and good cuisine. The unconventional winery “4 Kilos” shows that the Mallorcans also produce very good wine. The oenologist Francesc Grimalt and the musician Sergio Caballero founded the business in a garage, then moved it to a sheepfold and export the organic wines to the Spanish cities. 12 Volt is a blend of rediscovered regional and international varieties that mature in barriques and large wooden barrels. Beautiful juicy fruit notes, subtle exoticism and elegant spice.

  • Santorini, Estate Argyros, Assyrtiko 2021 (29.70 euros)

“Greek wine…” What wine do connoisseurs think of when they hear Udo Jürgens’ song? In the future, maybe not red wine, but Assyrtiko, the queen of Greece’s white grape varieties. The Argyros winery has dedicated itself to this grape variety, works biodynamically and is the fourth generation to produce wine. Vines that are up to 120 years old are the cornerstone for the typical Assyrtiko that dances on the palate. Fresh, some citrus and animating notes of stone fruit. Dry and elegant.

The wines are available from wagners-weinshop.at, among others

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