Former union leader Richard Read will create a new political party outside the Broad Front

Former union leader Richard Read will create a new political party outside the Broad Front

The former head of the FOEB will promote a left-wing group outside the FA, although he does not rule out an alliance.

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The former union leader and former head of the Federation of Workers and Beverage Employees (FOEB), Richard Readannounced the foundation of a new political party that will have a “left, center-left, and center” proposal, and will act outside the broad front (FA), but did not rule out a future alliance with the left-wing political party.

In dialogue with the press, Read described the space as “the creation of a meeting place for energize politics” national, which is carrying out the corresponding legal procedures to specify the legality of the group in the coming months.

The former FOEB leader said that voters from the traditional parties have already come, others from the FA, as well as some “disenchanted with the political system.” Read remarked that the space “He is not going to ask for admission to the FA.”

Read gave “significant value” to the management made by the president Luis Lacalle Pou in 2019 by forming the Multicolor Coalition, with which he was later able to obtain victory through the ballot in the general elections of that year. According to Read, he “gave attention where half plus one of the public told him: I’m here.”

Therefore, he understands that it is “valid” and “totally legitimate” that the other half that is not “within that great umbrella” that is the Multicolor Coalition, “I should put together another one where many of us who think alike about many things can fit underneath.but that we also have differences”.

Mieres seeks votes from the left for the Multicolor Coalition in 2024

The minister of Work and Social Security (MTSS), Paul Mieresspoke again about his possible presidential candidacy for the 2024 general elections. The chief confirmed to the press that the independent party (PI) will have a candidate in the next elections, and that “surely” during the first half of that year he will evaluate “re-enter the electoral field” after resigning from his current position at the Executive power.

Last month, the head of the MTSS had already declared that “it is the most probable that he is a candidate”, and that “The PI is aimed at marking its presence in next year’s election as part of this government coalition”which, according to the understanding of the political leader, “is projected forward”.

Along these lines, Mieres remarked that the PI is “the left leg” of the Multicolor Coalitionand assured that it plays a role “clue” within the government alliance. However, the politician commented that he still does not think about resigning from the ownership of the MTSS, and will still have to analyze “when it is time to leave the job” in the portfolio.

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