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Monday, March 27, 2023

Access to the lake in Schörfling: state parliament appeals to the federal government

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“Everyone should be able to relax at the lakes,” was the tenor in the state parliament.
Image: VOLKER Weihbold
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On this point, all factions agreed at yesterday’s state parliament session: More access to the lake is needed for the public and “not just for the rich and beautiful”, as FP MP Thomas Dim put it. The specific reason for the debate is a 6,600 square meter area in Schörfling, where the train station used to stand.

As reported, there have long been negotiations between the owner, ÖBB, and the municipality to secure access to the lake for the public. Because even if nobody is currently prevented from using the area leased by the Vida union for bathing, it is not an official public bathing area.

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Nothing has been going on in the negotiations for years, said VP deputy Christian Mader. In an initiative motion that was submitted together with the Freedom Party, the federal government is now being asked to press ahead with the negotiations with the ÖBB in the interests of the community.

The Schörflinger SP mayor Gerhard Gründl cannot understand this request: There are “constructive discussions” with the ÖBB, most recently yesterday. The ÖVP and FPÖ did not ask him about the status of the negotiations, otherwise the application would have been obsolete, Gründl said in an interview with OÖN. His lack of understanding was shared by MPs Doris Margreiter (SP) and Rudolf Hemetsberger (Greens). The application subtly accuses the mayor of not making any progress, criticized Margreiter. Nevertheless, there was approval for the application: “Because it’s about the matter.”

Bundesforste is considered a possible buyer for the area: “We are always interested in buying lakeside properties to expand public access to the lake or to preserve nature worth protecting. Regarding Schörfling, we are currently in consultation with the ÖBB and the municipality about a possible development of the area there,” it said on request. A result is still pending.

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