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That’s how much the police operations cost because of the climate activists

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activists of “last generation” in Vienna.
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The actions in January and February resulted in personnel costs of 475,242 euros for the executive. “The costs of the operations in connection with the ‘Last Generation’ or climate activists have nothing to do with replacements, which the activists were sometimes prescribed”said a spokesman.

From February 13 to February 24, the activists of the “last generation” in Vienna blockade actions for climate protection. According to the State Police Directorate, this resulted in personnel costs of 315,242 euros for 9,670 hours of work by 1,474 officers.

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According to their own statements, the police activated around 827 employees for the first protests in January. In total, 4,800 hours of use were created, it was said – total cost: 160,000 euros. The hourly rate is 32.6 euros per police officer, it said.

However, it is not possible to classify the numbers. “Comparisons to other gatherings or even major sporting events cannot be drawn”said a spokesman. “It always requires the development of an individual concept depending on the occasion and the corresponding individual, situation-related planning of the deployment of forces. This results in individual costs depending on the application”the executive announced. “Comparisons to other gatherings or even major sporting events cannot be drawn”it was said.

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