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Planned murder in the Innviertel? Defendant accused 13-year-old daughter

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The accused before the start of the trial.
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The prosecutor spoke of a planned murder, the victim only survived by chance. The defense attorney, on the other hand, pleaded for an acquittal that his client was innocent and that she wanted to protect her daughter as the perpetrator.

The couple’s 13-year-old daughter claims to have heard her parents argue on the night of August 3rd. When she later saw the injured father, she called an ambulance. When the police arrived, the mother provided first aid. According to the prosecutor, she confessed to having committed the crime because of pent-up anger and anger over years of marital problems. “And not in affect,” as the prosecutor explained.

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The accused, who was born in the Czech Republic, had mixed the medication she was taking for depressive moods into her husband’s food a few weeks before the crime in order to test the sedative effect. The couple officially separated in September 2021, the man moved out. But a few months later he came back because the woman did not see herself in the mental state to raise their four children alone and at the same time to go to work, the accused said. She did not end a new relationship.

Put medicine in the goulash

According to the prosecutor, she is said to have put the medicine in the goulash on the evening of the crime, after which the man fell asleep on the couch after eating and later went to bed. Traces of the drugs were also found in the blood sample of the later victim, the prosecutor stated.

The day before she had told her 15-year-old nephew, whom she had picked up from the Czech Republic, “horrible stories”. She reported on her husband’s fisticuffs, he not only beat her, but also her 13-year-old daughter.

“The plan failed” only because of the husband’s screaming

On the evening of the crime, she is said to have called her boyfriend at around 9:30 p.m. and said that she had had a heated argument with her husband and that he was bleeding profusely from the neck. He advised her to call an ambulance. About two hours later, the daughter called the rescue service and the victim, who woke up with an 18 centimeter long longitudinal cut on the neck, called for help. “The plan failed” only because of the husband’s screams, said the prosecutor.

The defense attorney pointed out that his client said during the interrogation that she couldn’t remember, but she didn’t think she wanted to kill because “I’m not hurting anyone”. So she assumes “it wasn’t there”. The 32-year-old also pleaded not guilty. The defense attorney said that “things were overlooked in the file” and referred to different perceptions of police officers at the crime scene. An officer said the woman was impaired and appeared very tired. Once she spoke of two stitches on the neck. In fact, it was a superficial cut, according to the defender.

“Larifari Statements”

Her “Larifari statements” are not an “unambiguous admission” for her legal representative: “The fastest is not always the right way,” he said. He even suspects a “wrong way” because he has the impression that the woman wants to protect a family member – and to give up her own life. In any case, the 13-year-old daughter “hated” her father, the accused said through tears. It was the daughter.

The trial is scheduled for two days, and a verdict is scheduled for March 14.

Source: Nachrichten

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