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Lacalle Pou used a wheelchair, why?

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President Luis Lacalle Pou got into a wheelchair last Thursday to say goodbye to the quad rugby team, The Creoleswho will travel tomorrow to Saint Paul to represent Uruguay at the tournament South American of this sport.

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Wearing gloves, a bib, smiles typical of a relaxed atmosphere and in a wheelchair, the president also gave a distinction to the light blue team, who will play between Monday and Wednesday at the Paralympic Training Center of Brazil against Argentina, Brazil A and Peru for a place in the championship semi-final.

In the other series they will face Paraguay, Chile, Colombia and Brazil B; and the best of each group will be the qualifiers who will seek to go to the final.

The video and images were shared by Juancho Posadasone of the members of the quad rugby team, through his account Instagram. There Lacalle Pou is seen talking with the team and the coaching staff during the moment shared with the players in the gym of Maldonado.

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“They are comfortable,” the president joked about the wheelchair adapted for sports that he used at the farewell to the sky-blue team, which was also attended by the National Secretary for Sport, Sebastián Bauzá.

The summoned players are Rodrigo Rivero, Leandro Maneiro, Nicolás Berretta, Christian García, Gonzalo Diorio, Juan de Posadas, Agustin Serrano, Agustin Ferreira, and Tiago Dos Santos. and Fernando Mattio, and the staff will consist of Alejandro Lemes, Joaquin Ferro, Federico Sarabia, Fabian Dos Santos and Carolina Garcia.

The debut game will be on Monday at 10 am against Argentina; while that same day they will play against Brazil A starting at 15:30, and on Tuesday they will play the last group stage match against Peru, at 9:30.

The semifinals will be that same Tuesday, as will the match for third place. And the final will be played on Wednesday.

How is quad rugby?

He quad rugby it is very different from its traditional version, to the point that it is not even played with an oval ball and is more like handball. The only element in common is to cross the opponent’s baseline with the controlled ball.

The games consist of four quarters of eight minutes of net time and the ball can be passed forward, with a total of 40 seconds to complete an attack. In turn, a player must dribble or pass the ball at least once every 10 seconds.

It is played in closed gyms, with timeouts that can be requested by players or coaches, and athletes must meet the minimum disability criteria, being classifiable according to the sport’s classification rules.

Source: Ambito

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