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MGAP will finance micro-producers for the purchase of rations

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To alleviate the effects of the drought in the countryside, the Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, fernando mattosannounced this Friday that his portfolio will finance a 75% of the purchase of rations for microproducers affected by water deficit. The rest will be paid by the beneficiary with a one year grace period.

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The hierarch confirmed in a press conference that this “Food Contingency Plan” will apply to those who have less than 30 cattlea sector that was not being reached by the initiatives to combat the drought. The deadline to apply is March 24.

“Notwithstanding the fact that there are a number of specific measures to serve small producers, there is a parcel of micro-producers who are not being reached by these aids,” said Mattos, who later specified: “They have enormous difficulties because the fields do not give the supply of fodder necessary to be able to spend the winter that is approaching us”.

Around 5 million dollars of the Emergency Agricultural Fund (FAE) for the purchase of 10,000 tons of foodwhich will be distributed through an MGAP operation, as confirmed by the minister.

The detail of the purchase of subsidized rations for micro-producers

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The help of Executive Power will guarantee 75% of the cost from the purchase of rations, a figure estimated at US$400/t for adult cattle and US$450/t for calves. He remaining 25% the producer will payalthough with one year grace period.

A national cost average will be calculated and all livestock producers will pay the same price per ton of ration, regardless of where they are located. In addition, to participate in the benefit, each interested party will have to raise a minimum volume of 500 kilograms.

The initiative will have two phases of implementation. In the first, from the next April 153,000 tons of calf ration; while in the second, which will take place from the 15 th of May7,000 tons of ration for adult cattle.

What are the requirements and how to apply

The benefit is aimed at those family micro-producers who have less than 30 cattle declared in DICOSE as of June 2022. In turn, they must be registered and up to date with the FAE.

The steps to apply for the measure, whose registration will be open Until March 24are:

  • Fill out an online form on the MGAP page, where identity card is required, name of the ATDR where the ration will be withdrawn, department and number of adult cattle (maximum 30) and calves (maximum 15) that you have to feed.
  • He MGAP will summon registered organizations in the DGDR directory to apply for the collection and distribution of the ration until March 24.
  • DGDR-MGAP will carry out a survey of beneficiary producers and through which nominated organizations the distribution will be made.
  • When picking up the ration, the producer must sign a contract in which the payment conditions are determined and it is explained that said ration cannot be marketed.

The MGAP clarified that it will inform the volume that each producer will be able to withdraw, something that will depend not only on the declared cattle but also on the availability of food in the region.

Source: Ambito

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