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Boric renewed part of his cabinet one year after taking office as president

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This Friday, the president of Chile, gabiel boricrenewed part of his cabinet and welcomed a new chancellor and four other ministers. The president seeks to improve his management one year after assuming power.

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After suffering defeat for tax reform in Congress, one of the key initiatives of his government, Boric decided to make changes in his cabinet seeking a better management and balance with the forces of the leftist coalition.

“What motivates me to make these changes is not political pressure or minor compensation; the purpose of these changes is our ability to respond and improve management“said the president at the swearing-in ceremony at the La Moneda presidential palace.

The changes affected the ministries of Foreign Relations, Public Works, Culture, Sports and Sciences. He also made changes in 15 sub-secretaries.

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“It’s an adjustment; it’s not a structural change. It advances in the direction of building new balances in the government coalition“Marcelo Mella, a political scientist at the University of Santiago, explained to AFP.

the new composition it also changes the hegemony of women that was maintained in the cabinet and now there is parity: 12 ministers and 12 ministers. Before, there were 14 women and 10 men in the ministerial cabinet.

It leaves intact the Political Committee, the circle closest to the 37-year-old ruler, and the economic team, headed by Finance Minister Mario Marcel, which achieved good figures at the local level.

Who are the new Boric ministers

Albero van Klaveren, 74 years old, former undersecretary of External relationships During the first government of Michelle Bachelet (2006-2010) and Chile’s agent at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, she will replace former Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola in office.

In Public Works, the former president of Banco Estado Jessica López will assume; the former director of Televisión Nacional de Chile, James Aguirre, will do it in Culture; while the former professional soccer player and former undersecretary of the portfolio, Jaime Pizarro, was in charge of Sports.

The lawyer Aisén Etcheverry will head the Ministry of Sciences.

Source: Ambito

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