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Scandal over the act of Lula and Cosse in Montevideo: it cost $1.5 million

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In the last hours it was known that the act in which the mayor of Montevideo, Caroline Cossereceived the new president of Brazil, Lula Da Silvacost 1.5 million pesosbetween the different preparations. The president of the neighboring country had come to the country to meet with the president Luis Lacalle Pou and then he met the department head.

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The event, where Cosse awarded him the “Greenest” distinction for his commitment to defending the environment, was last January 25 in the building of the Municipality of Montevideo (IM). Now, a month and a half later, the cost of the act was revealed due to a request for reports made by the white mayor Fabian Bravettiwhich made known The country.

What was the $1.5 million spent on?

According to the information provided by Bravetti, the local administration spent close to $40,000 in lease of Electric generators, tents and stands for the Brazilian delegation and the press, the audiovisual and streaming servicethe projection on big screen; Service transfers and the setting.

However, around 150,000 pesos They were destined to the purchase of merchandising. Strictly speaking, upon delivery of green beanies with the logo of the Administration among the militants who gathered in the vicinity of the IM. That point meant, meanwhile, the 10% of total spending.

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In addition to the delegation that accompanied Lula to Montevideo, the teams that usually deal with institutional visits to the capital of the country participated in the organization of the event, according to the response of the IM, in charge of security, surveillance, logistics and assembly, communication and diffusion, international relations and protocol.

“The required measures and demands of an event covered by the national and international press were satisfactorily met,” the Municipality responded to the request for information from the local referent of the National Party (NP).

Whites’ reactions to Cosse and Lula’s “little party” in Montevideo

the aedile bravetti, who made the request for information, referred to the matter on his social networks, where he published: “Cosse and Lula’s little party cost Montevideans a million and a half pesos.” In this sense, he pointed out that, “meanwhile,” many neighborhoods in the country’s capital “continue to have a absent quartermaster” and that “for them there are no resources”.


With the same tone, the local white referent concluded: “Political campaign yes, with taxpayers’ money no“.

For her part, the coordinator of the bench of ediles of the PN in Montevideo, Adriana Balcarcel, pointed out that, in contrast to the actions of the mayor, “the national government lowers taxes and helps the citizen’s pocket.” “how different we are“, closed the mayor, who criticized that” Carolina only knows how to spend and not manage.


Source: Ambito

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