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The other option was to do nothing, Cosse responded to the criticism for the act with Lula in Montevideo

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the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosseechoed the strong criticism of the opposition that, through a request for public information, found that the act of the past January 25 where the president of Brazil was received, Lula Da Silvain the Municipal Palace it cost 1.5 million pesos. “The other option was to do nothing, don’t count on me for that”replied the department head.

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“The activities have a cost and it was faced because it was understood that this opportunity was worth it. Anyone who wanted to listen to one of the most influential presidents in the world could attend the esplanade,” Cosse justified in a release post on his social networks.

That day, the president of the neighboring country had visited Uruguay after the last Celac summit to meet with the president Luis Lacalle Pou. Later, she met Cosse at the Municipality of Montevideo (IM)which gave him the “Greenest” distinction for his commitment to defending the environment.

Regarding the expenses of the event, the mayor stated: “We invited the IM to the president of a power like Brazil with a strategic role with UY. We managed that all the public who wanted to could see and listen to it. Therefore, we hired audio and screen ” .

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Thousands of demonstrators gathered outside the Municipal Palace in the middle of January to hear a few words from the new head of state of Brazil. As stated in the response to the mayor’s request for information Fabian Bravetti10%, that is, 150,000 pesoswere spent on the delivery of green hats with the logo of the Administration among the militants.

“For your schedule could at 3:00 p.m. in January and we gave hats and water to those who needed it“, justified Cosse, in the face of the opposition’s accusations.

In addition, for “those who are going to comment on this talking about garbage”, the department head left them a link with the IM collection map. “The containers do not overflow, people living on the streets (increased exponentially), take out waste and leave dirty. Help us by sending photos to 092250260 and we will clean up,” she wrote on her Twitter account.

What was the $1.5 million spent on?

According to the information provided by Bravetti, the local administration spent close to $40,000 in lease of Electric generators, tents and stands for the Brazilian delegation and the press, the audiovisual and streaming servicethe projection on big screen; Service transfers and the setting.

However, around 150,000 pesos They were destined to the purchase of merchandising. Strictly speaking, upon delivery of green beanies with the logo of the Administration among the militants who gathered in the vicinity of the IM. That point meant, meanwhile, the 10% of total spending.

In addition to the delegation that accompanied Lula to Montevideo, the teams that usually deal with institutional visits to the capital of the country participated in the organization of the event, according to the response of the IM, in charge of security, surveillance, logistics and assembly, communication and diffusion, international relations and protocol.

“The required measures and demands of an event covered by the national and international press were satisfactorily met,” the Municipality responded to the request for information from the local referent of the National Party (NP).

Source: Ambito

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