The MTOP responded to the criticism of the producers for cutting grass on routes

The MTOP responded to the criticism of the producers for cutting grass on routes

This week a video went viral where a producer denounced the grass cut on Route 26 saying that they were taking away the only resource they had.

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He Ministry of Transport and Public Works defended the grass cut made in the Route 26 carried out last week, after complaints on social networks by producers who established that they were taking the only resource they have to feed their animals due to the drought.

One of the measures taken by the government this summer due to the drought that has the Uruguayan producers it was the possibility that their animals graze on the side of the routes. This week, a producer uploaded a video to social networks that went viral where you could see how the grass was cut on Route 26, in the section that goes from tacuarembó to caraguatá.


Faced with this, regional 4 of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP) published a report, sent to Roads, where they establish that the portfolio requested as a general rule to cut at most 2.6 meters from the ditch to the fence.

“The National Highway Directorate is working in accordance with the directives issued by the Government, given the concern about the situation of water deficit, while ensuring that road safety conditions are maintained,” remarked the MTOP statement, published by Joselo Hernandez, coordinator of the Metropolitan Area of ​​the MTOP.

“Mowing grass at the edge of the shoulder is essential to protect users, since as established by Law No. 18,191 that regulates traffic and road safety, traffic signals must be perfectly visible, and protected against any obstacle that may disturb their identification, as well as being a necessary action to ensure proper surface drainage”, he specified.


Grazing extension by March

At the end of February the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) extended by 30 more days grazing on roads and neighboring roads because the drought does not let up and producers find themselves with less and less food for their cattle. That is why in some departments the number of permits was modified, adding more police stations than in the previous decree.

The police sections of 17 departments throughout the country were again included in the authorization, adding, in some cases, all the sections:

  • Police sectionals 2nd 12th of Artigas.
  • All the sections of long hill.
  • All the sections of cannelloni.
  • All the sections of Cologne.
  • Police sectionals 2nd to 15th of Peach.
  • All the sections of Flowers.
  • All the sections of Florida.
  • Police sectionals 1st to 14th of lavalleja.
  • All the sections of maldonado.
  • Police sectionals 3rd to 10th of paysandu.
  • All the sections of Black river.
  • Police sectionals 2nd to 8th of Rivera.
  • All the sections of rock.
  • All the sections of Leap.
  • All the sections of Saint Joseph.
  • All the sections of Soriano.
  • All the sections of tacuarembó.
  • Police sectionals 1st to 10th of Thirty-three.

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