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Monday, March 27, 2023

Nicaragua broke relations with the Vatican after criticism of Pope Francis

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Daniel Ortega ordered the severance of diplomatic relations with the Vatican. The measure taken by Nicaragua takes place days after the Pope Francisco during an interview ahead of the 10th anniversary of his election on Monday, he compared local government to a dictatorship.

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The news was confirmed by a senior source in the Vatican to the Reuters agency. It was learned that although the closures of diplomatic headquarters do not automatically mean a total break in relations between Managua and the Holy Seeare serious steps toward that possibility.


The Nicaraguan Ministry of Foreign Affairs published the following statement: “Given the information that has been disclosed by sources apparently linked to the Catholic Church, the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity of our Nicaragua, Blessed and Always Free, specifies that between the Vatican State and the Republic of Nicaragua a suspension of Diplomatic Relations has been proposed. It is noted how the media linked to the coup terrorism that attacked and murdered the Nicaraguan people in April 2018, were the ones who disseminated this distorted news that in these times is known as false news. One more on your account.”

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The pope also praised the imprisoned Bishop Rolando José Álvarez: “There we have a bishop in prison, a very serious man, very capable. He wanted to give his testimony and did not accept exile.

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The representative of Nicaragua is Yara Suhyén Pérez Calero, who is Minister Counselor at the Holy See. Nicaragua does not have an ambassador to the Apostolic See since September 21, 2021when Ortega canceled the appointment of Elliette Ortega Sotomayor, who in March of that year replaced the former deputy director of the National Police, former commissioner Francisco Bautista Lara.

In this way, a diplomatic link of at least 115 years would be broken since relations between Nicaragua and the Holy See were born in 1908.

Nicaragua will thus enter the small group of 13 countries that do not maintain diplomatic relations with the Holy See such as Vietnam, North Korea, China and Laos, Somalia, Oman, Mauritania, Maldives, Comoro Islands, Brunei, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Bhutan.

Source: Ambito

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