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Lacalle Pou defended his government’s fight against drug trafficking

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The president assured that there is a record of drug seizures, and dismissed talking about the weapons of war that Customs found.

Photo: Presidency

President Luis Lacalle Pou gave a press conference within the framework of the National Horse Festival held in the department of Soriano. In it, the president expressed that the country currently has a “drug seizure record”, mainly cocaine. At the same time, I avoid giving relevance to the weapons of war recently found by the National Customs Directoratesince he does not know what they were intended for.

Lacalle Pou, affirmed that in addition to the “mouths” of base paste that have been closed throughout the country, seized 4,500 kilos of cocaine coming from abroad, 600 kilos of base pasteand another “little more” of cannabis, of which “part will have come from abroad”, and “part will be cultivated here, or taken out of the clubs -cannabis- illegally”.

“As the traffic in a port grows, there are more complications”, according to Lacalle Pou

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After being consulted about the drug trafficking crisis that the city of rosary beads in Argentinaand the contact of the port of Nueva Palmyra (Soriano) with the drug that is transported from bolivian and Paraguayanthe hierarch indicated that “As traffic increases in a port, there are more complications”especially in those that are a logistics hub, in which “goods that are in transit are received”, and “sometimes these things happen”.

The hierarch indicated that scanners are currently being installed in the port of Montevideoand that “a double job must be done” which consists of “having good information with the Intelligence and the Police of other countries” so that they can alert about a suspicious container, and then with the scanners so that it cannot be loaded ” from our country” drugs that “entered the border and then entered the port.”

Likewise, he pointed out that they are trying to “take precautions” that are “within the reach of the government”, and that “advances are being made” in the matter, after the scanners from the port of Montevideo were awarded these days after the call that the government did.

Source: Ambito

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