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The situation in the field is critical and catastrophic, said Mattos

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The Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries warned of irreversible damage to crops and the death of livestock in some areas.

Photo: Presidency

The minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishing (MGAP), fernando mattosparticipated in a press conference together with the mayor of Soriano, mariano rodriguezin which he described the current situation of drought that the countryside is going through as “critical” and “catastrophic” for the irreversible damage to some cropsand cattle weight loss, and the advancement of cattle mortality.

The head of the MGAP, assured that the country continues in “the same pattern” of water deficit since last year, “the only thing that solves a drought is that it rains”, but “We don’t know when it will happen” Therefore, the current package of measures taken by the national government to help affected producers can be renewed, since “the slogan” continues to be “keep the productive structure standing.”

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Mattos, indicated that he is concerned about the proximity of winter in a context of very low fodder supplywhere due to the lack of animal feed, some producers have decided to “get rid” of their breeding cows, affecting a livestock market that is “oversupplied” in a volume “much higher than usual”.

According to the minister, The country is experiencing “the affectation of all productive items” because of the reductions and cost overruns that producers must face at the same time. The price of much-needed fodder skyrocketed as a result of the climate crisis, and according to the minister, “any bale is worth good money.”

The extension of the drought distorted the health of the forage structure

In turn, he reported the difficulties that exist to recompose the forage structure, since it has not been possible to sow either despite the fact that there is a large volume of seeds, which, according to the chief, have also registered an increase in prices.

From the MGAP, it was insisted again that more than 1.8 billion dollars in losses are expected because of a drought “it has been extended more than reasonable”, and “they see no end”. The portfolio expressed that the government is close to departmental governments and producers, and that in the coming months there will be a contraction of the national economy, because the countryside will present less industry, less transportation, and by extension, less currency income.

Source: Ambito

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