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All the keys to the 2023 Census

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The INE, for its execution, will become the largest public institution in the country. What will it be like and when does it start?

Uruguay Next month a new population census will take place that will add new features and create temporary jobs.

He 2023 Census will be done by the National Statistics Institute (INE) and will have a budget of 20 million dollars. It will officially start in April and for the first time it will incorporate the online response.

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The information to be collected, in addition to the number of inhabitants, includes, among other interests, a census of pets and inquiries about the new migration, teleworking and children with autism.

Who will take part in the 2023 Census?

For its realization, more than 10,000 people will be hired who will charge up to 30,000 pesos each. To work as a census taker, it will be a requirement to have completed the third year of high school, although selection will be carried out according to educational level.

In charge of the 2023 Census will be the director of the INE, Diego Aboal, who has spent more than two decades leading analysis teams and also the Center for Economic Research.


What is the Precensus for?

Before the formal process, there is a pre-census 2023 which has been carried out since February in which 1,200 precensus takers reviewed addresses and other data, but had no contact with the population.

The INE announced that they approached the 86% of verified areasthe equivalent of more than 1,250,000 addresses surveyed. Of all the departments that are going through the precensus, Flowers and Rivera They are the first departments to complete the process.

During the 2023 Census, information will be collected in 650 locations in Uruguay, which represents 70,000 manzanas.

The first census took place in Uruguay in 1908 and the last one was carried out in 2011.

Source: Ambito

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