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Daniel Salinas leaves his post today as Minister of Public Health

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The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Salinas, He will leave his position this Monday, leaving the position to the anesthesiologist, Karina Randofor which he said goodbye on his social networks, thanking his intimate circle and his fellow politicians.

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Salinas had already anticipated his departure at the beginning of the year, but decided to carry out an orderly transition that took longer than expected. “It would be the March 13, eventually. I say it conditionally at this point,” Salinas said at a press conference in mid-February and added: “They asked me. So I agreed.”

On the other hand, the official declared that he was not going to dedicate himself to politics, but that he planned to continue with his profession as a doctor and dedicate himself completely to it. “I have to work as a neurologist and other types of activities also exclusively linked to the medical profession,” said Salina, who added that he has a life plan and that the decision to leave the portfolio was well thought out.

Salinas’s thanks

This Sunday night, on the eve of leaving his post as minister, Salinas published in his social networks thanks to both his intimate and political circle. “Thanks to my father, my mother, brothers, wife, children and family that has grown… for their support, support and endurance. They gave more than they owed, and everyone banked. Many times accompanying with a message, others in silence or with a sob, ”he tweeted.

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On the other hand, he thanked the team that accompanied him at the Ministry of Public Health, including the future minister, Karina Randothe Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Health, Jose Luis Satdjian and the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Public Health, Maria Giudici.


The farewell of Manini Ríos

The first to fire his coalition partner was the leader of the Cabildo Abierto and senatorGuido Manini Rios. “He had to face difficult circumstances and, without a doubt, he rose to the occasion. A lobbyist, he knew how to be the minister of all Uruguayans, who always recognized what he did for the country… In moments of greatest uncertainty, his His voice conveyed confidence to the public,” said the senator, referring to Salinas’ work during the pandemic.


Who is Karina Rando?

The person who will replace Minister Salinas is Karina Rando, who has good references from her peers, including President Luis Lacalle Pou. “She is a great professional, I know her, she was working with us during the pandemic in a very active way, she traveled all over the country,” said the president when she announced that Rando was going to be Salinas’s replacement.

When Salinas was consulted about Rando, the still Minister of Health assured that it was a person prepared and very lucid for the position. “He is part of the team, he is filming, he has a master’s degree in management in London. He is a very lucid person and he handled the entire approach very well Greg Mortimer”, expressed Salinas on Radio Carve at the end of December. The Minister of Health refers to the Australian Antarctic cruise ship that was stranded on the coast of Montevideo and that the country decided to assist after other borders were closed to help them.

Rando is currently CEO of Coordination of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and works as coordinator anesthesiologist for liver transplantation, as well as head of Anesthesiology at the Military Hospital and the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. She is an anesthesiologist graduated from the University of the Republic and has a Master of Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Source: Ambito

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