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Active pass system remains as it is

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The Active Pass of the City of Linz is being used again by slightly more people.
Image: City of Linz/Dworschak
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A little more than the year before, but significantly less than before the pandemic, when 36,013 active passes were issued by the city of Linz in 2019: This is the current balance that Deputy Mayor Karin Hörzing (SP) drew. Hörzing does not want to shake the system of the active pass that has existed since 1989, there is no need for change.

The active pass is primarily used by women. 73 percent of the owners are female. The advantage card, which is intended to make products and leisure activities more affordable for low-income people, is also known and accepted by young people. 20 percent of active pass holders are in the 18 to 29 age group.

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The evaluation according to statistical districts shows that Linz-Kleinmünchen has the most active pass holders (3926). Behind them are the districts of Urfahr (3355), Inner City (3232), Bulgariplatz (2649) and Bindermichl-Keferfeld (2425).

Hörzing also does not want to change the requirements (18 years of age, main residence Linz, monthly net income up to 1324 euros, which will be up to 1424 euros from 2023) for the issuance of an active pass.

Meanwhile, the liberals are demanding more accuracy and more integration with the active pass. The increase in the income limit for this year is to be welcomed, said Municipal Councilor Zeljko Malesevic. However, Hörzing once again rejected the FP requirement for German language skills at A2 level and five years of legal residence in Austria as a prerequisite for access to the active pass.

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