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What are the exceptions to the compulsory health insurance for foreigners?

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As of mid-February, the Executive Power had made medical insurance mandatory, although it later highlighted exceptions.

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In February, the Executive Power had decreed the obligatory nature of medical insurance for all foreigners who wish to enter the Uruguayhowever, last week he explained what are the exceptions to this new regulation.

As of February 16, the second mandatory doctor for any foreigner who wants to enter the country, whether by sea, air or land, began to apply, at the same time that the health requirements imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic were repealed.

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Prior to this resolution, put into circulation almost a week after its signingthose foreigners who entered the country, and who did not have medical coverage were attended through the State Health Services Administration (ASSE), in case they present any health problem, generating a cost for the State.

The regulation, which consists of two important articles, indicates in article 1 that “foreign people who intend to enter the country by any air, sea or land means, regardless of their cause of entry, must have health coverage or medical insurance.

While in article 2, it establishes the repeal of “any sanitary provision that establishes requirements for entry into the country, and that has been issued within the framework or as a consequence of the national sanitary emergency established by Decree No. 93/020 of 13 March 2020”.

the exceptions

In the new update of the regulations, and considering Refugee Law No. 18,076, exceptions are made “founded international protection” cases. In these cases, the situation of those who arrive will be taken “particularly into account”due to family reunification with foreigners who already have permanent residence in the country“.

In addition, those who arrive in the country by “humanitarian” situations either “duly justified family reunification“, according to article 10 of Law No. 18,250, which specifies that “the Uruguayan State will guarantee the right of migrants to family reunification with parents, spouses, cohabitants, minor or older unmarried children with disabilities, in accordance with the Article 40 of the Constitution of the Republic”.

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