How much is the dollar trading in the midst of global financial chaos?

How much is the dollar trading in the midst of global financial chaos?

Global markets feel the blow from the banking crash in the United States. Find out what effect it has on the currency.

In the midst of global financial chaos due to the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bankwhich caused falls in the stock markets of the United States and Europe, the price of the dollar in Uruguay had variations.

According to the price on the blackboard of the Republic Bank (BROU) The dollar opened this Monday with a value of 38.25 pesos for the purchase and 40.45 pesos for sale, while the eBROU is at 38.75 pesos for sale and 39.95 pesos for purchase.

While last Friday, the dollar rose 0.21% compared to Thursday, and was positioned at 39,261 pesos, according to the official price of the interbank Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU).

On the other hand, on the board of Banco República (BROU), the dollar had a value of 38 pesos for purchase and 40.5 pesos for sale. For its part, the preferential value of the eBROU Dollar was 38.5 pesos for purchase and 40 pesos for sale. So far in March, the balance of the first 10 days is in favor of the US currency, which, so far this monthaccumulated a 0.94% appreciation.

What about the dollar in Argentina?

This Monday the official dollar of the neighboring country opened with 199.54 Argentine pesos for purchase and 208.53 Argentine pesos for sale. For its part, the blue dollar – the one that is bought illegally in the informal market – is listed on 374 for purchase and 378 for sale. Finally, the MEP dollar opened its reference value at 378.49 Argentine pesos.

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