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The Ministry of the Interior presented its comprehensive security plan to the political parties

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He Ministry of Interior presented this Monday to the political parties with parliamentary representation a document that establishes a comprehensive and preventive security strategyhowever, there was room for controversy since the representative of the Broad Front (FA) was Gustavo Loyalwho is being investigated by the cAsthesian.

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The name of the preliminary document is “Comprehensive and preventive security strategy” that arose from the meetings that were held between the authorities of the portfolio and all the delegates of the political parties with the same objective of dealing with crime.

This project began at the end of last year when all the representatives of the political parties met to express suggestions about possible measures and initiatives to achieve a common plan where both the ruling party and the opposition agree.

Controversy over the presence of Leal

The person in charge of presenting the document to the political parties and coordinator of the Comprehensive Citizen Security Program is the advisor to the Ministry on security and criminology issues, Diego Sanjurjo. On the other hand, among the participants was Gustavo Leal, who is being investigated by the prosecutor in charge of the Astesiano case, Gabriela Fossati.

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The representative at the meetings of the Ministry of the Interior for the Colorado partyAndrés Ojeda, had requested that Leal be removed from the meetings but it did not happen since the president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, supported the presence of Leal in the meetings.

What is the project of the Ministry of the Interior about?

In mid-January, Heber presented the program of the Ministry of the Interior for containment of homicides and other crimes, which is made up of three parts, and which seeks an investment 10 million dollars to be financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Heber’s plan is defined from the intentions of finding the causes of the crimes and thinking about them in the long term. The minister’s program consists of three parts. The first part consists of an approach involving the relevant ministries, such as the Ministry of Social Development, as well as the different political parties presenting their ideas. In this part of the program, the homicide containment plan is included, where they propose the summons of ex-inmates to entrust them with a task of detection and irruption of crimes.

The second part of the program refers to social reintegration of the people who went through the penitentiary system, as well as intervene in the consumption of drugs. The third and last part consists of the strengthening of the National Police, especially in the area of ​​mental health, something that is highly demanded by the union.

Source: Ambito

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