An evening of praise and recognition

An evening of praise and recognition
A full house and a good atmosphere in the Leondinger Doppl:Punkt
Image: City photo/Wolfgang Simlinger

The awards are intended to express praise and at the same time recognition for the commitment of the award winners, thanks for their achievements also go to all those who stand by them and support them, said Mayor Sabine Naderer-Jelinek in her opening speech.

Three former deputy mayors of the municipality, Katharina Bindeus, Franz Bäck and AK President Andreas Stangl, were delighted to receive the ring of honor from the city of Leonding. The great Leondinger decoration was awarded to chief inspector Oliver Bergsleitner and master confectioner and WK-OÖ Vice President Leo Jindrak as well as the former city politicians Herbert Eichhorn, Günther Quass and Anton Schmid.

Honorary citizenship for writer Anna Mitgutsch

Erich Hofmarcher, Josef Kirchmayr, Rudolf Öllinger, Hermine Unger and Gertrude Viehböck were also able to take their very personal volunteer medal home with them. The city’s badge of honor went to Petra Asanger, Brigitte Bäck, Felix Dick, representatives of Drabauer Consult, Karin Dorl, Andreas Ferschner Huber, Stephanie Huber, Stephan Schopf, Anton Stickler, Dilek Uzunkaya and Andrea Wesenauer.

The “Special Corona Prize” trophy went to the three voluntary fire brigades, the police and the Red Cross of Leonding, and the municipal employees were also honored for their commitment during the pandemic.

One of the highlights of the program was the awarding of honorary citizenship to the writer and literary scholar Anna Mitgutsch. The laudatory speech was held by OÖN literary critic Christian Schacherreiter.

Pictures of the award ceremony can be found here.

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