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Fossati returned to his activity this Monday

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The fiscal Gabriela Fossati returned to work this Monday, although she had medical leave until next week, it was a request from herself to the Court Prosecutor to be able to be present at the judicial hearing with Gustavo Leal.

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This Monday the prosecutor in charge of the case of the former custodian of the president Luis Lacalle PouAlexander Asthesianreturned to his activity after being absent since the beginning of this month after requesting medical leave for fifteen days, something that he did not comply with since his return was supposed to be on March 19.

This Thursday Fossati will witness the judicial hearing with Gustavo Leal – who is being investigated as being allegedly involved in the Astesiano case – where the reasons why Fossati decided to pass character would be clarified. from witness to defendant. Supposedly the Prosecutor’s Office, Leal is being investigated for alleged crime of concealment since it is understood that the meeting with Astesiano’s father was to hinder the investigation.

It remains to be confirmed whether the prosecutor will have police custody since last week, the Director of Communications of the Prosecutor’s Office, Javier BenechGómez reported that the pertinent steps have been taken so that Fossati has police custody after his license.

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According to the communication manager of the Prosecutor’s Office, this decision is due to the fact that Gómez received two emails from the prosecutor Fossati where, in one of them, she asked Gómez to be able to have police custody after returning from her leave.

one step to the side

Fossati, requested through a letter addressed to the court prosecutor, to be relieved of the case, after the disclosure of a private conversation that he had with a journalist during the past year, something that, he understands, leaves the Prosecutor’s Office in a new scenario of tension, where it is best to step aside.

However, Gómez said in an interview with Radio Sarandí that he will not make any decision because “it is respect for any official who, if he is certified, cannot, in principle, be subject to any resolution that may or may not affect him.” although we must wait for the Court Prosecutor to decide now.

This is the second request of this nature that Fossati has made to Gómez, since in November 2022 he asked him to refer the case to a department of Complex Crimes. At that time, the prosecutor accused that she did not have support within the Prosecutor’s Office, nor that her agreement to transfer to the Economic Crimes Prosecutor.

Source: Ambito

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