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Unemployment insurance fell 4.8% month-on-month

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The Ministry of Labor and Social Security reported that many of the workers who resigned returned to the labor market.

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The Ministry of Work and Social Security (MTSS) reported today that the number of workers in unemployment insurance fell by 4.8% MoM in February. The portfolio also stated that most of the people who left unemployment insurance in the past month did so to rejoin the labor market.

Currently, of the 45,591 people who remain on unemployment insurancesome 45,279 are covered by the total, and the remaining 312 by the partial, a system that, although it ceased to apply in February, continued to contemplate some exceptions.

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In the second month of 2023, some 11,846 workers unsubscribed from unemployment insurance, of which 6,588 (55.6%) did so to rejoin the labor market, and the remaining 5,258 (44.4%), for reasons of layoffs. Between the registrations and cancellations, the records have some 2,278 fewer workers.

In turn, last month some 9,568 workers received unemployment insurance, some 3,542 less than in the month of January, implying a reduction of 27%. Of these, 4,379 joined as a result of layoffs, and 5,189 entered due to reduction or suspension, marking a distribution of percentage halves similar to that of the previous month.

The variation in unemployment insurance showed a stable trend in recent months, except for January, where some changes occurred as a result of the disappearance of partial unemployment insurance. The first month of the year recorded higher numbers of total unemployment insurance, reducing the number of unemployment insurance due to dismissal.

The administrative services sector was the one that fell the most in February

In the breakdown of activity by sector, where most perceived slight reductionsthere were stronger setbacks in administrative and support services (-478), the agricultural sector of forestry and fishing (-464), the manufacturing industry (-451), and lodging and food services (-222).

In an analysis of the period from August 2022 to February 2023, the number of registered workers in the accommodation and food sector fell by a third, the commerce sector fell by a third, and the transport and storage sector by 25%.

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