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Man cut in the throat in his sleep: second day of the trial in Ried

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The defendant faces a charge of attempted murder.
Image: APA/Kerstin Scheller
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On the first day of the hearing, the defendant surprisingly declared that it was not her but her then 13-year-old daughter who was the alleged perpetrator. On Tuesday, witnesses and an expert on the possible murder weapon, which has not yet been found, were heard. At the scene of the crime, in the family home, two Stanley knives – one with an orange handle and one with a red handle – were secured, which could theoretically be used as a murder weapon. Traces of the alleged perpetrator and the victim were found on both, but no blood, the expert explained. The knives may have been washed off, he added. Nevertheless, he made it clear “that no assignment as a murder weapon possible” may be. According to a police officer, the accused herself showed an officer the one with the orange handle as the murder weapon.

On the evening of the crime, August 2, according to the prosecution, the woman is said to have mixed the medicine she was taking because of depressive exhaustion into the man’s goulash. Then, after eating, he first fell asleep on the couch and later went to bed. There, the native Czech is said to have cut the sleeping person’s throat with a sharp knife. The injured person woke up and screamed, whereupon the accused is said to have let go of him. The man pressed the bleeding wound with a cloth and called to his daughter to call an ambulance.

Accused according to report fully sane

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The prosecutor named the pent-up rage and fury of the woman, who, according to psychiatric experts, is sane but suffers from an attachment disorder and constantly demands attention and recognition, as the motive for the attempted murder of the husband. That the accused in the process then “to save her skin, the daughter sacrifices”caused horror not only for the public prosecutor.

The defense attorney, on the other hand, pleads for acquittal because his client has only accepted the blame to protect the oldest of her four children, the daughter. your previous ones “Larifari statements” to the night of the crime are not for him “unequivocal confession”: “The fastest is not always the right way”, he told the jury at the start of the trial. In any case, the daughter has her father “hated”said the accused through tears. It was the 13-year-old girl who was still under criminal responsibility.

Source: Nachrichten

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