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how the dollar bonds operated

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He global financial chaoscaused by the distrust in the solidity of the big international banks yesterday despite the rescue of the bankrupt US bank Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), had effects in most international markets.

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In the case of Uruguayvarious experts and stockbrokers consulted by scope.com they considered unlikely a contagion at the local financial system level due to its liquidity.

However, if there was an impact, albeit minimal, on bond trading and also on typical investor havens in the face of global uncertainty scenarios, such as the gold which registered a rise of 2.63%.

Dollar bonds rose

Uruguayan bonds registered a rise in Monday’s trading. Global Bond 2024 rose 0.49% to $99.82, Global Bond 2025 +0.43% ($102.75), Global Bond 2027 flat, Global Bond 2031 also flat at 89 .51, while the 2033 Global Bond rose 0.78% to close at $123.92.

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The Global 2036 had rises of +0.60%. The Uruguay 2050 Bond had the highest increase with 1.48% and went from 98.89 to 100.36 dollars.

What happened to the country risk?

The country risk, measured through the AFAP Republic UBI Index, fell 4 units on Monday and closed at 95 basis points. So far in March, it accumulates a rise of 12 basis points and so far this year the increase is 25 units.

Source: Ambito

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