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33% of Uruguayans consider that the economic situation is bad

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The last survey of Equipos Consultores realized that the expectations are of little change in the future, without growth in income, unemployment levels and prices.

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He 33% of Uruguayans are unhappy with the economic situation of Uruguay while 28% consider that it has been good, although expectations for next year are even in economic terms.

The data comes from the latest survey of Consulting Teams, who inquired into the perception of Uruguayans about the local economy during the second half of February, in the midst of a context of extreme drought and no growth in real wages, although with a recovery in tourism and a gradual drop in inflation; and prior to the announcement of the sales in the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and the Social Security Assistance Tax (IASS).

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In this way, according to the survey, 3% of those surveyed considered that the economic situation of the country is very good, while 25% indicated it as good. On the opposite side, 27% see it as a bad situation, and 6% answered that, directly, it is very bad.

Regarding the question of What will the economic situation be like in a year?, the answers are even more distributed: 36% said that it will be better or much better, 35% consider that it will be the same as it is today, and 25% consider that it will be worse or much worse. Although the general balance is not mostly positive.

It should be remembered that last week, a survey of Consultants Option showed that only 37% of Uruguayans approve of the economic management of the government headed by the president Luis Lacalle Pouwhich marks a slight but progressive decline from a year ago, with 40% approval during the first half of 2022 and 38% during the second half of last year.

Income and prices in public opinion

As for the personal income Of those surveyed, 63% believe that they will remain as they are today, while 28% believe that they will increase. For their part, 9% considered that they would decrease.

On the other hand, the expectations of unemployment They are even less optimistic: 43% think that there will be the same levels of unemployment, 31% believe that there will be higher levels while only 22% believe that there will be less.

Regarding the prices, 63% believe that prices will increase in the next 12 months—the same percentage of those who see income without changes. Within that 63%, 36% considered that they will increase a lot and 27%, that they will do so a lot. On the other hand, 30% believe that prices will increase little while 2% believe that they will not rise and will remain at current values.

The survey was conducted in person and by telephone between February 16 and 26, 2023. A total of 1,205 people were surveyed.

Source: Ambito

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