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Brazilian cyclists pedaled naked in Brazil

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The movement, called “bare pedaling”imitates the international movement World Naked Bike Ride, where several hundred cyclists ride naked, many with their bodies painted to protest the excessive use of fossil fuels and in favor of cycling.

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Allis Bezerra, a 41-year-old photographer, explained the controversial initiative: “We are naked in one of the largest avenues in Latin Americawe show that we are vulnerable to force, to the violence of cars”.

“This movement serves to show society how important we are. By using the bicycle as a means of transportation, we are removing from city traffic a car that pollutes the environment“, he added.


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Andresa Aguida He is an artist, he is 43 years old and he painted the motto “sustainable pedaling” on the stomach. Later, she went topless through the streets of São Paulo. “Motorists disrespect us when they honk at us and it seems like they’re saying ‘go ahead or I’ll hit you,'” she says.

Traffic accidents: more than 16,000 cyclists injured

The Brazilian Association of Road Traffic Medicine (Abramet), a scientific, non-profit association, affiliated with the Brazilian Medical Association and recognized by the Federal Council of Medicine, published a report last June and noted that in 2011 Brazil suffered more than 16,000 accidents that led to the hospitalization of cyclists. The average yielded an alarming result: more than 44 daily accidents are estimated.

Other cities in the world, such as Copenhagenthe capital of Denmark, is highlighted by cyclists as an area where it is more enjoyable to ride a bicyclewith traffic lights that give priority to cyclists.

Furthermore, it is estimated that 63% of the population in Copenhagen cycle to workone of the main objectives of the World Naked Bike Ride and the Pedaleada peladada movement.

Source: Ambito

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