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Food prices: How do you deal with the massive price increases?

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Food prices have particularly increased.
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So far, she has paid around 35 euros for a short purchase. Now she can no longer get by with 50 euros, said Daniela Fritz from Pasching yesterday at a local inspection of the OÖ Nachrichten. She’s not the only one who has had a painfully noticeable increase in prices in her pocket. Like Fritz, many compatriots are currently reporting that they are increasingly taking advantage of campaigns and items on sale and making their choices more consciously.

A good way to save money when shopping in times like these. For many compatriots, however, even that is no longer affordable: “It really brings some people to their knees,” he says Ulrike Weiss, Head of consumer protection at the Chamber of Labor in Upper Austria.

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How are you doing at the moment, do you also notice the price increases when shopping? How do you deal with that? Are there any items that you noticed as being particularly expensive? Discuss with us, we frTell us about your opinions in our forum!

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