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These are the key measures to combat insecurity announced by Interior

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The plan will begin to be applied in the second semester of the year. “It’s a long-term job,” Heber said.

This Monday the Ministry of the Interior presented the preliminary security and prevention project that the political parties will have to study in order to discuss it later, the project consists of 15 measures which are divided into four groups: information systems, social and community prevention, police prevention and tertiary prevention.

“It’s a long-term job,” said the interior minister, Luis Alberto Heber, at a press conference presenting the preliminary comprehensive and preventive security project. Also at the press conference was the coordinator of Focused Strategies for the Social Prevention of Crime, Diego Sanjurjo, who stressed the importance of all parties participating to achieve continuity.

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Political parties participated by presenting 79 proposals that, after a study and selection by the Ministry of the Interior, 15 measures were reached that are integrated into four large groups: information systems, social and community prevention, police prevention and tertiary prevention. The matches will have two weeks to study the project to then reach the instance of discussion and agreement. According to Sanjurjo, it is estimated that there will be a consensus between May and June in order to implement the measures in the second half of this year.

Information systems

These measures have to do with the generation of victimization and crime data that will be in charge of the National Statistics Institute (INE), through annual surveys. For this, joint work between the INE and the Ministry of the Interior is planned so that the results are as transparent as possible and that their results and analyzes are published on the Internet within the reach of the population.

Social and community prevention

For this, the creation of a comprehensive security cabinet where State ministers participate, as well as other authorities to facilitate the application of public policies related to this issue.

On the other hand, it is proposed to carry out local projects where safety, health and education officials participate in a interdisciplinary group in charge of working on specific solutions for problems and comprehensive care centers. As well as the creation of a program for the prevention of gender violence and homicides and femicides where the barrel leaders are trained to intervene to prevent these situations.

police training

One of the axes of these measures is the training of all personnel who participate in the police, as well as their families. For this, it is proposed the creation of a mental health unit in the Police Hospital and the strengthening of the Interior Occupational Psychology Area, as well as the containment and psychosocial orientation services of the Care Center for Victims of Violence and Crime (Cavid).

In the same sense, it is proposed the training of Community police, beginning its actions in Montevideo, but with the intention of taking it to the entire national territory, to deal with vulnerable populations. In addition, the prevention of cybercrimes will be included through the strengthening of the Cybercrime Unit.

Changes in the prison system

These measures have the objective of developing a strategy to reform the prison system and treat the addictions of people deprived of their liberty. As well as the strengthening of the system of alternative penalties is also proposed. In addition to that, with the aim of creating a Ministry of Justice, a crime prevention system is planned where people who have committed crimes in the past participate.

Source: Ambito

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