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Monday, March 27, 2023

It is the L-Ghent of politics, pointed out Da Silva

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The president of the Broad Front had described the legislator of the National Party as a “dreadlock” and had assured that it hurts politics.

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The beginning of the parliamentary month was tinged with back and forth conflicts between representatives of the ruling party and the opposition, while Pereira fired at Da Silva, the white senator did not hesitate to respond.

In dialogue with the Primera Mañana program of El Espectador, the president of the broad front, Fernando Pereiraassured that the senator for the National Party, sebastian da silva “It hurts politics.” At the same time, he remarked that President Lacalle Pou does nothing to stop Da Silva’s behavior. “If the president doesn’t stop it, he will agree that he says so,” Pereira said.

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On the other hand, he referred to the questioning that Da Silva made last week to legislators of the Broad Front to question the government in Parliament for the Astesiano Case. “If you tell Senator Rubio ‘don’t wrinkle’, that’s bullshit. Telling a worker that he has never worked in his life is a slap, ”Pereira sentenced regarding the tweets published by Da Silva responding to FA officials.



Da Silva does not shut up

Faced with Pereira’s statements, Da Silva did not hesitate to respond by saying that the president of the FA is the “L-Ghent of politics”, referring to the Argentine cumbia and trap singer. “He may be right (in that I’m a screw). He is an example of elegant, but with ‘L’. He is the L-Ghent about politic. If he thinks I’m a landslide… to this day men like me is not something I’ve taken it upon myself to do in my life,” said the white senator.

On the other hand, he described Pereira as “little man” for complaining about her harsh statements and opinions of him. “Da Silva’s positions can be improved, but Da Silva does not lie, everything he says is true. The worst thing in politics is lies. Pereira lies to the face of a dog,” added the white senator, naming himself in the third person.

Source: Ambito

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