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Vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease begins tomorrow

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Tomorrow begins the vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease of the entire bovine herd in Uruguay after the scheme was delayed due to the extreme drought that affects the entire country, with the aim of avoiding the mobilization of cattle.

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In the midst of rumors about the suspension of the immunization period due to drought, lack of food and the effect of these factors on the immunity of cattle that generated nervousness among producers and veterinarians, vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease will finally start tomorrow in all the country.

For this, the General Directorate of Livestock Services of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) already distributed about 13 million doses in the regionals. The goal is to maintain good herd immunity, vaccinate carefully, avoid stress in the animals and ensure immunity to keep export markets open and Uruguay’s position firm among meat exporters.

On this occasion, the vaccination period will be 45 days and not 30, as usual, and will last until April 30. Also, once the cattle are vaccinated, they will be able to move just 10 days after the dose is applied, and not 15, as is normal.

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Are exceptional modifications They were implemented in consultation with epidemiology, virology, and laboratories, and were confirmed based on the immunity situation and the non-viral presence that make them possible.

According to the resolution published by the MGAP in which it authorized vaccination, in the period between April 15 and 30, Events will not be authorizeds of concentration of bovines such as fair auctions, exhibitions, etc. Although events that do not require the mobilization of bovines will be authorized.

Regarding the cattle that are destined for the job, It will be possible to mobilize within the vaccination period, as long as they have the two vaccinations of the last two periods. In addition, as of May 1, 2023, they must have been immunized for more than 15 days with the vaccine corresponding to the current vaccination period.

The producer must raise the doses presenting the Dicose Affidavit As of June 30, 2022, the updated sanitary control form and a cooler with ice or refrigerant, in sufficient quantity to guarantee the cold of the vaccines that you withdraw.

Recommendations for the application

Likewise, from the MGAP and refrigerators they insist on taking the necessary care during vaccination so as not to affect the quality of the cattle. In this sense, it is urged to handle cattle calmly and avoid abscesses due to bad applications, which lead the Uruguayan meat industry to lose 2 million dollars per year.

Likewise, the vaccine must be applied only in the bovine neck table and subcutaneously, avoiding the application of the doses in the hindquarters, where some of the most valuable cuts are. Also, when the needles are bent due to a bad application, they must be changed immediately.

Source: Ambito

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