The BPS will advance retirement and pension payments for Easter, when are they?

The BPS will advance retirement and pension payments for Easter, when are they?

The autonomous entity announced today the changes of dates for the collection of benefits.

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On the occasion of the Easter (either “Tourism Week”) which will begin april 2 with Palm Sunday, the Social Welfare Bank (bps) announced today to its retirees and pensioners the advancement of the payment dates of the March assets, so that they can be made before that week.

The autonomous entity announced that it will be possible to charge from the March 31 to April 5 at the BPS headquarters in Montevideo, as well as in any premises authorized by that institution for the payment of these liabilities. Those who collect through a bank or do so electronically will have their account deposited directly on March 31.

The agency reported that “payments at home in Montevideo and payment tours in the interior will be made starting Thursday March 30”. In turn, he pointed out that “people who have a BPS personal user can access their receipts 72 business hours before the start of payment through online services.”

Users will charge in March the full increase in 6.62% in his assets, with a 0.08% pending the provisional adjustment that was implemented in January. Meanwhile, the base of the minimum credit that will be received next month will be 17,296 pesoswhich will exceed 17,310 pesos only for this month as a result of the pending that was left over from last month.

What documentation must be presented to collect the retirement or pension?

As clarified by the BPS on its official site, those who receive the passivities must present the following documentation when requesting payment:

  • Identity card current.
  • Agents, tutors and curators: last receipt or photocopy of the holder’s identity card. It should be remembered that the powers of attorney expire on the date of the holder’s death and, in the event of improper collection, this will begin on the same date.

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