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Tension escalates between the US and Russia over the crash of a drone in the Black Sea

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USA accused Russia of having “intercepted” with one of his drones over the Black Sea and cause his downfall. While Washington pointed out the responsibility of the fact, Moscow He denied the intervention. The crossings between the two countries do not stop and the level of conflict in the global geopolitical dispute rises.

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Hours later, Vladimir Putin put another conflict on the table, which adds to the escalation of accusations, by ensuring that the explosions in the Nord Stream gas pipelines they were not by pro-Ukrainian organizations, but by another type of “intervention”.

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Crossings between the US and Russia due to the crash of a drone on the Russian border

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The drone incident again put Washington and Moscow in the discussion ring. The Russians denied the accusations, after acknowledging that two of their fighters intercepted a detected American drone. “in the area of ​​​​the Crimean peninsula”annexed by Russia in 2014.

According to the Moscow report, that drone was advancing “in the direction” of the Russian border. “The Russian fighters did not use their weapons”, and they did not even come into contact with the drone, which had violated the provisional zone of use of the airspace “established to carry out the special military operation”, the Russian army defended itself, using the usual term to refer to the invasion of Ukraine.

The United States Air Force in Europe reported Tuesday that two Russian Su-27 fighters intercepted an MQ-9 Reapers drone in international waters and that the maneuvers of one of the planes led to an accident and the “loss” of the American device. .

Thus, The United States blamed Russia for the incident and described as “reckless” and “unprofessional” the action of the Russian planes, but Russia denies any fault.

For his part, the Russian ambassador to USA, Anatoli Antonov, called the US flights near the Russian borders “hostile”. “We assume that the United States will refrain from further speculation in the media space and stop flights near the Russian borders,” Antonov said in a Telegram statement.

The Pentagon claimed that the drone was conducting a routine mission when it was intercepted “in a reckless way” and Russia, for its part, defends that the drone was out of control.

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Explosions in Nord Stream: Putin pointed to “state aggression”

In the middle of the crossings by the drone, they joined thePutin’s statements about the explosions in the gas pipeline North Streamwhich connects Russia with Germany, of vital importance for the European economy.

The Russian president described as “absurd” the hypothesis that the explosions in the gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2 was perpetrated by a group of pro-Ukrainian activistsand announced that a Gazprom company vessel found an antenna near the place with the possible intention of causing other detonations.

On March 7, the American newspaper The New York Times revealed that United States intelligence attributes responsibility for the attacks against the Nord Stream pipeline network a pro-Ukrainian group, made up mostly of Ukrainian or Russian citizens, while the kyiv authorities denied any involvement in those attacks.

“I am sure that it is absurd. An explosion of this type, of such power, at such a depth, can only be perpetrated by specialists supported by all the power of the State who have certain technologies,” Putin said in an interview with the channel Rossiya 1. In addition, he called the information published by the American newspaper “nonsense”.

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