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Domgasse will become a meeting place on April 17th

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Cars still dominate the streetscape on Domgasse.
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How can Domgasse be made more appealing? There has already been a lot of discussion about this question, with suggestions from local residents and tradespeople, as well as from various political factions.

The image of Domgasse, as Clemens Bauder from the Art University put it, will soon “change from the ground up”. The starting point of this transformation is the decree of a meeting zone by traffic officer Deputy Mayor Martin Hajart (VP).

30 parking spaces are eliminated

This should be valid from April 17th, when a 20 km/h speed limit will apply. In addition, further steps are planned: the roadway is to be partially reversed, around 30 parking spaces will disappear. Among other things, larger or new guest gardens and consumption-free zones with mobile green and seating are to be created for this purpose. The measures should also make barrier-free access to the Old Cathedral possible, says Hajart.

The heavy traffic looking for a parking space is massively affecting the quality of stay and living, so you shouldn’t be afraid to make cuts in the parking spaces, he makes his point clear and emphasizes that not only the residents but also the economy would benefit from such a step .

Four parking spaces will be reserved for residents only, and there will also be some parking spaces in the northern area where only residents are allowed to park in the evening.

Pilot project with art university

The findings from the specially held public events have already been incorporated into the current ordinance plan, and the participatory development is to be continued in the future. In the form of a pilot project with the art university, which is holding a course on this under the direction of Bauder. Various interventions are planned, for example on the subject of playing in urban space or the question of how seating can also become communication platforms.

“The approach is very experimental. The development of Domgasse is practically a laboratory on a one-to-one scale,” says Bauder. A group of around 15 students – from different fields of study – will take part in the course. Art university rector Brigitte Hütter sees a lot of potential in the holistic approach pursued and the involvement of different interest groups. “It’s an exciting and fun project that we’re also helping to shape as a neighbor,” says Hütter, alluding to the fact that there is a university location on Kollegiumgasse (with access to Domgasse).

Traffic counts planned

The measures are to be evaluated in autumn – and then a decision made as to what Domgasse should look like in the future. The project is budgeted at 50,000 euros. There will also be traffic counts to analyze the situation, and the expectation is that traffic looking for a parking space will be greatly reduced, says Hajart.

As reported, in addition to the meeting zone, the option of a pedestrian zone or a mixed solution was also under discussion for Domgasse. The sticking point in the purely pedestrian zone has so far been the access to the post office. Hajart reiterated today that Swiss Post is communicating that customer access by car is elementary, given the size and weight of some parcels and the partially restricted mobility of Post visitors. “We want to work together with the post office,” he says. This topic will also be part of future developments. For example, it is conceivable to install a cargo bike parking space in front of the post office, says Bauder.

Praise, criticism and a celebration

Linz+ councilor Lorenz Potocnik approved the plans presented today and said it was nice that the “traffic calming and revitalization of this beautiful inner-city alley is finally being implemented.”

Criticism of the plans and the planned parking lot deletions comes from the Linz FPÖ. “Making life in the city center more and more difficult for Linz drivers and cutting parking spaces will not help the district to the necessary upswing and will further weaken the city center,” say local councilors Manuel Danner and Manuel Matsche. It must at least be ensured that there are enough parking spaces available for the residents: “Otherwise, this is not a gain for car-owning residents, but rather a loss of quality of life.

In any case, there will be celebrations in Domgasse at the end of April: Then the restaurateurs will organize a street festival again.

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