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The political trial against Cosse was back on the agenda

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It is because the mayor of Montevideo once again dodged a call to appear before the departmental deliberative.

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an eventual impeachment against the mayor of Montevideo, Caroline Cosse, He was back on the agenda because he once again refused to appear before the departmental deliberative after the opposition called for one of his officials who presented himself as a sociologist when he was not.

Last week Cosse was summoned to answer questions before the departmental deliberative because its director of Employability for Social Inclusion, Gabriel Chevalieragreed to be called a sociologist despite not having the title.

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Faced with this, the coalition of the mayor, the Broad Front (FA)imposed a majority against the request of the red and white ediles and they managed to present themselves Gabriel Moncecchidirector of Environmental Management, and the deputy secretary Daniel Gonzalez.

Something similar happened in October of last year when the mayor of Montevideo did not appear to appear at her call to court, due to the supposedly low levels of response to the reports, something that the opposition has been rejecting for the third time in a row.

He October 31 of last yearthe request for impeachment of Cosse was presented in the Senate and was referred to the Constitution and Legislation Commission where it was discussed only once and then archived at the request of the Broad Front as it considered it a disproportionate response.

Although the case has been shelved and sooner or later the discussion will have to take place in the Senate committee, although both the opposition and the ruling party have more important projects to discuss.

For example, the Broad Front aims to discuss two projects related to elections (the consular vote and solutions to people excluded from the electoral roll) and the alternative of debt restructuring to individuals (something that is also of interest to Town meeting). On the other hand, the Colorado party the repeal of article 74 of the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC).

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