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How many days of drinking water are left in Montevideo?

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With the Canelón Grande Seco reservoir and a similar concern about what happens in Paso Severino, alarms were raised for the supply in the capital and its surroundings.

In the middle of the extreme drought that hits Uruguay montevideo still has drinking water reserves for 44 days, which guarantees the supply for the remainder of March and all of April, which is when the water situation is expected to have normalized.

The panorama is bleak for many departments of the country. With guaranteed reservations until just the end of the month, Peach, Cannelloni and lavalleja They are the districts most affected by the lack of water, with rains that have barely allowed the level of intake in the rivers to be maintained. In the latter case, the situation is so critical that State Sanitary Works (OSE) collaborate with the ministries of Atmosphere and Defending for pumping Santa Lucia River on private land due to the drought in the reservoir San Francisco.

Alert for water in Montevideo

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Similarly, concern also grew about what would happen to the supply of cannelloni and Montevideo, when the news broke that the reservoir big cannelloni, one of the four most important water reserves in OSE —and essential for the capital’s water supply— dried up.

However, from OSE they assured that the reserves are evolving as they have been doing, and that they still have 22 million cubic meters of water in Severino Pass, despite the alarms that went off with the images of Canelón Grande. Likewise, another optimistic sign is that water can still be transferred under the dam, which represents an average of 500,000 cubic meters per day.

This means reservations for others 44 daysalthough from the state company they will try to extend the term with fewer transfers when possible.

In Florida, meanwhile, reserves guarantee a similar supply thanks to the rains in February and the closure of the Sauzal of the Hills. Meanwhile, the entire country is awaiting the entry of forecast storms that can alleviate, even minimally, the critical situation.

Source: Ambito

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