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China, Russia and Iran begin joint military tests in the Gulf of Oman

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China, Russia and Iran A series of joint naval exercise maneuvers will begin this Wednesday in the gulf of oman. This is a military training program called “Security Bond 2023”, which takes place amid the growing tension of the Russian government with USAafter the fall of an American drone.

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The aim of the joint program is “deepen cooperation practice between the navies of the participating countries, to further demonstrate the willingness and ability to jointly maintain maritime security”, according to the statement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Defense.

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China, Russia and Iran begin military tests in the Gulf of Oman

The cycle of joint tests is repeated for the third time, after the editions of 2019 and 2022after the pandemic Covid-19which generated a paralysis of activity.

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the armed forces of China, Russia, Iran and other countries They will carry out the cycle of joint naval exercises from this Wednesday until March 19.

China has sent the guided-missile destroyer Nanning to conduct exercises, mainly based on air search, rescue and classification operations at sea.

The statement added that they will be carried out “to actively build communities with a shared future for the sea and to inject positive energy into regional peace and stability.”

In 2022, those nations held exercises in the same area, conducting artillery firing practice against naval targets, joint tactical maneuvers, as well as high seas search and rescue missions.

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Gulf of Oman, key point

In February 2021, those fleets deployed their equipment in the Indian Ocean and at the end of 2019 they did it in the Gulf of Oman.

At the exercises two years ago, Iranian state television praised what it called the “new sea power triangle.” The Sino-Russian-Iranian Triple Alliance has a combined population of 1,500 million inhabitants.

Has 29 million square kilometers and its economy represents more than 20% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) world. Two of its members china and russiaThey are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, with the right to veto.

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